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Silly Dog
November 4, 2010, 6:06 pm
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I was wrong.  Not only is training my dog outlandishly difficult, it is also heartbreaking.  She wants so badly to please me.  Every fiber of her being quivers with the desire to do a good job.

Hyperbole and a Half


Firstly, this blog is hilarious, but besides the point, I totally identify with this struggle. My dog is dumb. Now, before you get all hopped up because I called my dog dumb, let me explain.

My dog is quite possibly the most adorable, the sweetest, most active, and cuddly dog I have ever met. She is so loving. She wants nothing more to play with you, cuddle with you, and then chew on your hands for the next half hour. She loves every animal she meets, plays with the cat, and so desperately wants to make friends with my grandparents’ cat. But he doesn’t like anything.

My dog, she is an otterhound mix, we’re not sure with what, but we assume some sort of small terrier. She has a terrible memory, and she is very excitable. She cannot focus long enough to learn anything. It has taken us 6 months to teach her to use the bathroom outside. Training her is very difficult.

She also runs into walls and tree stumps regularly. The vet said not to worry about it, but I still do sometimes. We found her down on near our local Sonic. She wasn’t wild, and the people at the Sonic were feeding her scraps. (Her poor little puppy belly was so bloated.) Someone purposely dumped her there. Which is very sad, because she is nothing but the sweetest dog with an adorable little heart.

She likes to sit in my husband’s lap and drop her head all the way backwards so I can pet her too. And then she leans so far over she just falls over. Maximum adorable.


This is exactly what my dog looks like in the face.


Anywho, I’m gonna go take my doggy out now, she’s wining up a noisy little storm.